A compass for the quantum jungle

You have read news given by "experts" but you cannot rely on a solid technical or scientific quantum background - even at an engineering level.

You may have even tried to look for more information by yourself, on articles, youtube channels or social networks like LinkedIn.

But here is the result : you are lost in the quantum jungle.

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to demystify quantum computing

at a non technical level

Demystify quantum computing

This is nothing like you have met before - as if all your previous experience on your activities were pointless to help you separating the wheat from the chaff.

Yet, information on quantum computing is fully available - on the contrary there is too much to dig in !

There is a huge gap between marketing promises for industrial purposes and the current state of quantum science and technologies.

But it would be unfair to throw all away.

There is a reasonable path and equilibrium between valuable research and spurious directions and claims.

So how can you build a precious insight for you own goal,

between quantum hype and trustworthy information ?

This is what I will introduce in this talk.

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Who am I ?

My name is Jean-Baptiste Latre.

I have been working for ten years at the crossroads of academia and high-tech industry, as a research scientist on mathematical frontiers of scientific computing.

I contributed to the development of a quantum computing program in a major energy company, on quantum error correction and fault tolerance for hamiltonian simulation.

You can find here more on my project "Heart of quantum" and on my LinkedIn the vision I share to demystify quantum computing.

Come and watch how

to demystify quantum computing

without an equation